How to send email using Laravel

Use Mail facade to send mail via send method. The send method contain three parameters. First parameter is your view blade file where you write your messages, second parameter is for passing array data to view and last one is closure callback that receives a message instance through which you can customize the subjects, recipients and other features of mail messages.

  • $inputs = Request::all(); $user_data = [ "firstname"=>$inputs['first_name'], "middlename"=>$inputs['middle_name'], "lastname"=>$inputs['last_name'], "email"=>$inputs['email'], "mobile"=>$inputs['mobile_no'], "address"=>$inputs['address'], "city"=>$inputs['city'], "state"=>$inputs['state'], "zipcode"=>$inputs['zipcode'], "position"=>$inputs['position'], ]; Mail::send('emails.becomeDrOrDrAsst', array("user" => $user_data), function ($message) use ($user_data) { $message->from('', 'bladephp'); $message->to('')->subject('Register Success'); });


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