Gujcet All Subject Past Year Papers

GUJCET Previous Year Papers
Solving GUJCET Previous Year Papers in English help you in many ways:
It gives you an idea about the difficulty level of the paper.
You get an idea about the type of questions asked in the exam.
You identify the particular chapters and concepts which are asked frequently.
It gives you insight into your preparation – where you are standing.
You get to know the chapters and concepts you need to put more effort on and improve.
You improve your overall test-taking strategy, including your time management skills and the ability to select the right questions to answer.
It helps in improving your speed and accuracy.
By solving previous year papers, you can get rid of the fear that you have for appearing for the exam. It builds your confidence.
It helps in building your stamina and focus.
So, go ahead and solve GUJCET Previous Year Papers. While preparing, more is always less.

GUJCET Syllabus 2019
You must also have a clear idea about GUJCET Syllabus so that you do not leave any topic and get surprised while attempting the GUJCET Previous Year Papers. It is always recommended to take previous year papers only after you complete the entire syllabus. This will give you a better understanding of how much you are likely to score in the actual exam. So, have a look at the GUJCET Syllabus for all the three subjects.

GUJCET Syllabus For Physics

Unit 1: Nucleus
Unit 2: Electromagnetic Induction
Unit 3: Communication System
Unit 4: Dual Nature of Radiation & Matter
Unit 5: Semi-Conductor Electronics
Unit 6: Wave Optics
Unit 7: Ray Optics
Unit 8: Electrical Charge and Field
Unit 9: Atoms
Unit 10: Alternating Current
Unit 11: Current Electricity
Unit 12: Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
Unit 13: Magnetism and Matter
Unit 14: Electromagnetic Waves
Unit 15: Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

GUJCET Syllabus For Chemistry
Unit 1: Chemistry in Everyday Life
Unit 2: Solutions
Unit 3: Polymers
Unit 4: Solid State
Unit 5: Surface Chemistry
Unit 6: Complex Salts or Coordination Compounds
Unit 7: Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Unit 8: F-Block Elements
Unit 9: Phenols and Ethers
Unit 10: P- Block Elements II
Unit 11: Aldehydes
Unit 12: Halo-Alkanes & Halo- Arenes
Unit 13: Bio-molecules
Unit 14: Chemical Kinetics
Unit 15: Ketones and Carboxylic Acid
Unit 16: Electro-Chemistry
Unit 17: Alcohols
Unit 18: General Principle & Processes of Isolation Elements

GUJCET Syllabus For Mathematics
Unit 1: Permutation & Combination
Unit 2: Sets, Relations & Functions
Unit 3: Indefinite Integration
Unit 4: Matrices Determinants
Unit 5: Three Dimensional Geometry
Unit 6: Limit
Unit 7: Vectors
Unit 8: Theory of Equations
Unit 9: Complex Numbers
Unit 10: Definite Integration
Unit 11: Probability
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