Vidhva Sahay Certificate Mate Upyogi Application Form 86

Vidhva Sahay Certificate Mate Upyogi Application Form 86

The Indian Government has come up with its various schemes for women, specially focusing on their empowerment. The Women & Child Development Department of Gujarat implemented a social security scheme for widowed and destitute women with children living in the state. The main objective of the scheme is to not only support their economic condition but also empower such women by financially assisting them. In this article, we look about the scheme in detail.

Benefits under Vidhva Sahay and Talim Yojana
This initiative of Gujarat to make women self-reliant has the following benefits.
Under Vidhva Sahay and Talim Yojana, a margin money of Rs. 3000/- is given to help them to be independent and empower living.
The applicant is offered a monetary assistance of Rs.500 through post office every month.
In addition, Rs.80 (per child) is provided for two children of the applicant through post office every month.

Eligibility Criteria
To benefit under this scheme, the applicant should satisfy the following conditions.
The applicant should be a resident of Gujarat.
The age of the applicant should be between 18 and 60 to take advantage of this scheme.
The women applying should be a widow and a destitute.
The applicant should belong to the economically weaker section.
The applicant who has remarried is not eligible to avail this scheme.
Assistance is provided only for two children for an application

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